Interior Decorators

As an Interior Decorator, no doubt you already have many tools to help your customer select the colors and decor of their home. We offer another tool to help you save time and money in the color selection process: Digital Color Renderings. A Color Rendering is the digital representation of a room or building in which different desired colors are presented. This allows you and your clients the ability to visualize your color scheme options before a drop of paint is added to the surface.

Lightspeed Imaging has set the standard in Digital Color Rendering Services. With our "Design Today, Present Tomorrow" guarantee, you can be confident that we will be able to turn around our Color Renderings within 24 hours. So, when you've selected your colors, send us a picture of the room you are designing and within 24 hours we will send you back your Color Renderings, ready to present to your client.

We also have expedited options for a nominal cost. Contact us now for pricing and more information. Make sure to tell us about your business since Interior Decorators get special discounts.

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Picture It

Helping your customers choose a paint color for their home is a rewarding process. However, sometimes it can be difficult to imagine a set of colors within a living space. Your customer might want to have a variety of colors to choose from, or even to see what their room might look like with a particular color scheme.

This is where Color Renderings can help. Simply take a photo and email it to us, or have one of our professional photographers take one of the area you wish to paint (currently only available for LA & OC Counties in CA), and we will take it from there.

Our team of Imagers will take your photos and digitally change the color of the walls to create an accurate representation of how your rooms will look with the chosen paint schemes.

Design It

Once a picture is taken, you can give us a list of multiple colors and schemes for your customers to see.

Most of the time our customers choose the colors themselves and send us the schemes along with the photos and desired color placement (a "mark-up"). However, we understand that sometimes our customers get very busy and need a little help. That is why we developed our Color Design Services. With this added service, our experienced staff chooses the colors for our clients.

We first ask several questions to get a good idea of what the client is looking for. We then combine that with current trends to form the color schemes. Then it is just a matter of applying the colors to the rendering.

Visualize It

Lastly, once we receive your images and your color selection(s), our Imagers extract each detail of your photo and apply a digital coat of paint to every wall and surface. They also digitally clean up some undesirable sights (such as peeling paint or surface damage), in order to give the best representation of the applied color schemes.

The final design will be presented digitally with the color schemes and the original photo. The imagings can also be delivered as a print on standard letter-sized (8.5" x 11") photo paper, or on a presentation board. Check out our pricing options to see what other types of presentation options we offer.

Contact us today and we will set you up with your Account Executive who will be your point of contact on every order you place with us.