Important Information

Regarding Color Accuracy

Thank you for choosing Lightspeed Imaging for your color rendering needs. It is important to us that our customers receive the most accurate color representations possible. Nevertheless, actual paint color is unachievable in digital form on a computer monitor or digital print. The colors displayed on your renderings are only intended to be a representation of the final paint colors. Paint color is affected by room and environment lighting, surroundings, & type of paint used. Furthermore, the colors on your digital color renderings may vary due to viewing equipment (such as monitor, tablet, phone, etc.), viewing light conditions, lighting conditions when the photo was taken, shadows, inks/toners and printers. Our team here at Lightspeed Imaging commits to giving our customers the most realistic color representations that we can possibly create within a digital space. Color accuracy may be subjective to viewer and therefore Lightspeed Imaging cannot be held liable for colors not being completely accurate to the actual paint color. A true representation of paint colors can only be achieved after it has been painted.

Regarding Prints and Presentation Boards

When our digital prints are printed we use ink to get the most accurate color possible, nevertheless actual paint color is unachievable when printing with ink. Digital printing uses inks while paint uses pigments. Due to this unavoidable variance, digital printing can only be semi-accurate. Therefore, Lightspeed Imaging cannot be held liable for any color inaccuracy when it comes to rendering prints or swatch prints. Printing only serves to give a close as possible representation as to what colors will look like on the surface and when grouped together in schemes. If you feel your prints are severely off from the actual colors, it will be up to the determination of the Lightspeed Imaging team to determine whether or not an error occurred on Lightspeed Imaging's part or if it is within the given amount of expected error.

Regarding Turnaround Speeds and Guarantee

We pride ourselves on setting the standard when it comes to the turnaround speed of a color rendering project. We guarantee 72 hour turn around for Homeowner's Color Renderings and 24 hour turn around for Professional's Color Renderings. But we want to make sure we are clear as to what that means.

Timer Starts: As soon we receive all information needed for your project (photo, placement instructions, color schemes, and other notes) and payment for the project the timer will start for our deadline. We use the time stamp from the email, so whatever our email time stamp says is what we use to gauge our turnaround deadline.

Work Days Only: Our turnaround time does not include weekends or holidays. For example, if you place your order on a Friday at 1:00p with a 72 hour turn around, you will receive your order by 1pm Wednesday of the following week.

Same Day Turn Around: The timer starts at the same time as the other deadlines. However, same day turnaround is guaranteed to have you your rendering within 6 business hours (9am to 6pm) of your order time. For example, if you place your order by 11:00am, you will receive your order by 5:00pm that evening. However, if you place your order by 3:00pm, you will receive you order by Noon the next day.

As soon as it is done: No matter what deadline you choose, we do not hold on to finished orders. As soon as finish your order, we send it to you. So even if you placed your order for 72 hour turnaround, if we get it finished in 4 hours, then we will send it to you as soon as it is done. We aim to keep our order que as empty as possible so that we can handle all orders that are placed with us. Just another way we aim to give you the best possible customer service.

Guarantee: A guarantee is meaningless unless it is accompanied by some sort of ultimatum. Therefore we guarantee to deliver your order within your specified turnaround or else you will receive 25% off for everyday it is late until it is free. (In the very off chance that we are ever four days late, you will receive your order for free after four days of being late).

What is Guaranteed: Our guarantee turnaround only applies to Color Renderings. Photography Services, Prints and Presentation Boards may take a few extra days to receive. We use USPS for all our shipping needs, so we are subject to their reliability. All prints are shipped using their two day option, so it is expected that you will receive your within two days after we ship it. Photography Services are done for Southern California only. They are by appointment only. They are priced according to your location from our office in Whittier, CA. After they have been taken it only takes us 24 hours to prep them for color renderings. Then your specified turnaround time applied. If you order our Color Design Services, add an additional 12 hours to your specified turnaround time.

Revisions: Our turnaround for revisions are half of whatever your initial specified turnaround time was. For example, if your turnaround time was 24 hours, you will receive your order within 12 hours. If revisions are late, the same guarantee rules apply. However, they only apply to the revision charge.

Regarding Payment

Once you have sent us your order and we have reviewed your order, we will put together an invoice and send it right to you. We are a fairly new company. Someday we hope to have the ability for you to place and pay for your order online. But for now, we are limited to having to do all payments manually. Nothing is more important to us then our customer's satisfaction, which includes feeling comfortable with placing orders with us. Therefore, we have entrusted our merchant services with a reliable company that services small business like ours called If you have any questions regarding our merchant services please CONTACT us or visit

Initial Payment: Once we have determined what all the pieces of your order are, we then send you an online invoice using The invoice can then be paid online using your credit card. Credit Cards/Debit Cards are the only form of payment we accept, since we do our business digitally. Once you have paid for your invoice, we will receive a notification via email. We will then begin your order and have it to you within your specified turnaround time.

Late Orders: If by the off chance we are late on your order, a refund will be issued using for the amount you are entitled back. We will process the payment as soon as your order has been delivered. Once your refund has been issued, you will receive an email letting you know that it has been processed. It may take several days to receive the return, as we are subject to the timeliness of the banks.

Revisions and Add-Ons: Everything is same when it comes to placing revision orders and other add-ons as it is with any of our other orders. Special Monthly Terms: In some special cases, Professionals may be entitled to special monthly account. If approved, all orders placed within a given month will be invoiced at the end of the month and then due by the 10th of the following month. This offer is only for approved professional companies. No special terms are offered to Homeowners.